Crafting Finance Investment Series: Oracles Investment Group

Crafting Finance Investment Series: Oracles Investment Group

Dear Crafting Finance supporters and partners:

We are extremely excited to introduce our investor-Oracles Investment Group to you here. With their guidance and mentorship, our growth and expansion will accelerate exponentially.

About Oracles Investment Group

A coordinated team from every corner of the global market combining our distinct market insights with rigorous fundamental analysis. They help users to access to a world-class investment platform and early investments to help them realize their investment goals in Crypto.

OIG provides one of a kind platform for Crypto Project teams to raise capital, grow supporters, and Crypto Investors to take part in promising projects.

A lot of great plaforms are their portfolios,such as alium swap, Plutos Network,Token Place and so on.



About Crafting Finance

Crafting Finance, developed on the the Polkadot blockchain, it will use DOT, KSM, BTC, ETH and the CRF issued by the project as collateral, and synthesizes any cryptocurrency or offchain assets such as stock, bonds and gold through smart contracts and oracles, users can exchange various synthetic assets in Kingsman. Kingsman is one of the Crafting Finance product, a synthetic assets trading platform, with the conception of “SDP” (Sharing Debt Pool), Kingsman is characterized by almost unlimited liquidity and zero slip point of trading. The innovation of synthetic assets transaction in Kingsman will make a more flexible and strategic way for users to participate.

Crafting Finance Offical Channel




Synthetix assets issuance and trading protocol

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Crafting Finance

Crafting Finance

Synthetix assets issuance and trading protocol

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