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2 min readJul 9, 2021


Welcome Crafters, the crafting finance supporters, Crafting Finance is a universal synthetic asset issuance and trading protocol developed on Polkadot blockchain. To inspire more people to know our project and join our community to learn more, we start this AIREDROP, come to join our group this time we will organize a quiz combine with this airdrop, the quiz will have 10 questions for the people who joined the airdrop event,. Below is the guidence to join this event!

Welcome Crafters, the crafting finance supporters.

Join in this event by following the steps:
👉Step 1: Join Telegram group []
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👉Step 3: Follow Crafting Twitter Page:
👉Step 4: Liked, Quote & Retweet, and tag 3 friends in this tweet : with Hashtag: @Craftingfinance #craftingfinance #Airdrop #Polkadot #CRF.
👉Step 5: Fill form:

Airdrop: 4DOT
Per Winner will get 0.2DOT, totally 20 winners.

Airdrop End: 29th July
Airdrop Distribution Start: 10th August

Additional reward: Members who join our group and join online event will have the opportunity to win rewards in our following online event and AMAs.
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Crafting Finance Team

Crafting Finance is a universal synthetic asset issuance and trading protocol developed on Polkadot blockchain. We has get fundraising from AU21 Capital, CMS Holdings, Continue Capital, LD Capital, Longhash Ventures, Northbund Capital, PAKA Capital, Signum Capital, SNZ Holdings, Spark Digital Capital, NGC Ventures, Titan Ventures, Infinity Capital, Moonwhale Ventures, ZBS Capital, Alves Capital etc. We will use DOT, KSM, BTC, ETH and the CRF issued by the project as collateral, and synthesizes any cryptocurrency or offchain assets such as stock, bonds and gold through smart contracts and oracles, users can exchange various synthetic assets in Kingsman. Kingsman is one of the Crafting Finance product, a synthetic assets trading platform, with the conception of “SDP” (Sharing Debt Pool), Kingsman is characterized by almost unlimited liquidity and zero slip point of trading. The innovation of synthetic assets transaction in Kingsman will make a more flexible and strategic way for users to participate.

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Crafting Finance

Synthetix assets issuance and trading protocol