Crafting Finance Academy

1.Can you please give some information about the security system of Crafting Fiance?How safe are the funds of investors?

We will do solid code-auditing after our testing, not only to solve the bugs in codes, but also to find the problems in our product logic. And we will use the best audit vendors, we even gonna use the formal verification to make sure there’s no bugs in the codes.

2.Why did you choose the polkadot network?

Polkadot is a public chain which is original cross-chain , which means we could use the most large amount tokens on Polkadot, and user could use these tokens as collaterals to mint for more synthetic assets. And as the scalability of Polkadot is great, the public chain could support more users and more activities, which will help us to build a world-wide synthetic assets platform.

3.Is this platform suitable for Crypto beginners?Or does it only appeal to professional users

Sure, it is really friendly for the beginners. For example, we support the optional joining of SDP, which will give the user choices after minted the synthetic assets. In Synthetix, user must joining into the SDP right after they minted the synths, which is not suitable for the beginners.
But, the multiple SDP settings will be very suitable for the professionals, with which the users could calculate the income or the loss easier. The crypto hedge funds and investors will love it.

Crafting Finance Offical Channel




Synthetix assets issuance and trading protocol

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Crafting Finance

Crafting Finance

Synthetix assets issuance and trading protocol

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