2.Weekly Report

3. $100,000 $CRF Airdrops

4.Staking is now live on Aurora


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Technology Part

Completed tasks last week

1、Deploy CRF token contract on Near and Aurora chain to realize CRF token cross-chain between Ether, Aurora…

Completed tasks last week

1、Developed Aurora on-chain and Staking contract to support Near and Aurora.

2、Completed the construction of Aurora on-chain and NFT issuing system to pivot self-issuance of NFT staking.

3、Continue to improve Crafting system on Near.

This week’s planned tasks

1、Deploy CRF token contract on Near and Aurora to support CRF token cross-chain between Ether, Aurora and Near.

2、To officially launch Staking contract on Aurora on-chain to support Near and Aurora pledge mining.

3、Will officially launch Aurora on-chain NFT issuance system to support self-initiated NFT pledge mining.

4、Continue to improve Crafting system on NEAR.

Today, we will introduce the second batch of staking pool. We are very delighted to introduce the Bored Ape Yacht Club tokens as collateral, as we think it’s the first of its own simple staking-to-earn for NFT on Ethereum, we sincerely welcome the BAYC owners to stake into our pool, as they could also use BAYC as collateral in our main protocol, and then mint and trade synthetic assets.
Moreover , we will also support USDT as the collateral, which is the biggest market-cap stable coin, and also the most widely used one .

Please browser https://stake.crafting.finance to find the new staking pools.
Stay tuned for more goodies on your way ! ! Don’t forget to follow our twitter and medium to find news about Crafting finance!

Crafting finance has launched the staking protocol

About Crafting Finance

Crafting Finance is a synthetic asset project, that provides the issuance and transaction capabilities of various synthetic assets, which can support the issuance and transaction of almost all types of cryptocurrency assets and real assets. The important modules of the…

Crafting Finance

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